A True Fiduciary


It all started when…

My parents taught me the importance of respectful independence, tolerance of peaceful others, and an appreciation of luck If not for bad luck, some would have none at all, but bad luck is not an excuse for a lack of kindness, respect, honesty, and working to one’s maximum capability. These are the core values that have been with me throughout my life and those I’ve passed to my children.

Paul Grant Truesdell, President | CEO

Black Monday

Black Monday occurred on October 19, 1987, the day when the stock market dropped by the largest percentage in one day. The flash crash was 22.61%. Two days later, our founder wrote on a legal pad, “why pay more?” From that point, the idea of Fixed Cost Investing began. The journey has been filled with a fantastic group of people who believe in turning the world of investment advice and management upside down. This is the home of a true fiduciary-based investment advisor, and this is The Home of Fixed Cost Investing.℠

95%+ Are Fake

  • In our opinion, over 95% of all investment advisors fake fiduciaries. Fake fiduciaries utilize a commission-based compensation scheme known as AUM. Assets Under Management (AUM) schemes are discriminatory and the epitome of what a conflict of interest is. Why? Because AUM is a slow-bleed commission that adds up to be a tremendous amount over time.

  • We find it appalling anyone is allowed to call themselves a fiduciary when they are paid a commission, which is at the heart of what a conflict-of-interest is.

True Conflict Free

  • A true fiduciary does not do anything that is or gives the appearance of being conflicted, internally or externally.

  • Conflicts exist when a person or organization has multiple interests, financial or otherwise, and serving one interest works against the interest of another. AUM is a commission scheme whereby two clients, with identical holdings, are paying different commissions, solely based on the value of their accounts.

  • A conflict of interest is a set of circumstances that creates a risk that professional judgment or actions regarding the interest of a client will be unduly influenced by one’s self-interest. Unbalanced, unfair, and preferential compensation schemes set the stage for overt, covert, intentional, and unintentional discrimination.

True Loyalty

  • A true fiduciary is loyal to the client and supports what is in the best interests of the client.

True Trustworthiness

  • A true fiduciary is principled and abides by the highest ethical standards.

True Fee-Based Compensation

  • A true fiduciary is financially compensated on a fixed cost or time basis.  

  • This means paying for the procedure performed or the time utilized.

  • A true fiduciary is never paid a commission.

  • A true fiduciary does not discriminate,

  • A true fiduciary uses a fixed pricing schedule and does not engage in compensation negotiation.

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Examples of Conflict

  1. Commission-based compensation

    1. Buy more, pay more

    2. Sell more, pay more

    3. Have more under management, pay more

    4. Profit more, pay more

  2. Kick-backs and incentives

    1. Exotic locations used for training

    2. Spouse/guest travel and excursions during sales conference

    3. Commission payout grids based upon sales

    4. Directing trades for soft-cost reimbursement

    5. Free or reduced cost access based on compensation

  3. Sponsorships, endorsements, media

    1. Broker/Dealer preferred providers

    2. Directing trades for BD kick

    3. Advertorials

    4. Journalistic article quotes and profiling based on advertising

  4. Selling-client data

    1. Internal distribution to parent, subsidiaries, and/or divisions

    2. External distribution to affiliates

  5. Outside employment

    1. Accountant

    2. Attorney

    3. Broker

    4. Multi-level

    5. Planner