Once upon a time…

CAMELOT℠ was created by our founder in 1991 as the core process and principles for fiduciary-based investment advisory services. The castle, court, and era of CAMELOT℠ is a fascinating period that is recognized world-wide as King Arthur’s legendary reign of resistance against kingdom invaders. Camelot, the castle, was the fortress from which Arthur commanded an elite force of fighting men. The Camelot era is associated with, and a synonym for, nirvana, paradise, the promised land, Shangri-la, and utopia. The CAMELOT Process℠ is FCF’s utopian approach to convenient fiduciary-based advice, management, and education with logic, organization, and technology. While King Arthur’s Camelot may be myth or legend, this is the real deal at the home of Fixed Cost Investing℠.

True Fiduciary-Based Advice & Management

The term "holy grail" is often used to denote an elusive object or goal that is sought after for its great significance. The holy-grail for FCF is a strict adherence to true-fiduciary-based standards through true and absolute non-conflicted compensation for advice and management. Compensation schemes that are discriminatory are an absolute breach of fiduciary standards. If one pays more because they buy or sell more, have more under management, or profit more, then there’s a commission. A true fiduciary is never compensated through a discriminatory commission scheme.

The Round Table Philosophy

The Knights of the Round Table were members of the legendary order of peace keepers of the kingdom. Knights were brave, courteous, and charged with fighting injustice and evil for the good of the kingdom, and protecting the weak and underprivileged. The Round Table at which the knights met was created to have no head or foot. This represented the equality of all. The “Round Table Philosophy” for our clients means this:

  • Nobody pays more because they have more.

  • Nobody receives less because they have less.

  • There are no commissions, and our AUM is 0%.

Our Mission

FCF is truly mission driven to fundamentally change the Wall Street “bro-culture” that centers around conflicted ‘mo-money commission schemes rather than on doing what a true fiduciary does.

Better, Simple, Works

We sincerely believe the way we do it, it’s better, simple, and works. Please understand and avoid the hypocritical fool’s paradise that the fast-talking off-Wall Street hucksters are pitching, unless you seek a dystopian hell of conflicted interests.