Warren, at 88, Patience is, well, Short-Term

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sunday, May 5, 2019:

At the company’s widely attended annual meeting Saturday, Mr. Buffett, Berkshire’s 88-year-old chairman and chief executive, urged investors to keep the faith on a host of issues, including overall performance, his plans for future stock buybacks and even transparency. On performance, he acknowledged that Berkshire has trailed stocks during a historic bull market but argued it hasn’t grown too big to beat the market in the future.

Generally speaking, anyone other than Warren Buffett would be skewered by the press, but instead, grandpa Warren gets a pass. Also, at age 88, by now, some should be aggressively talking about age, capabilities, and business continuation plans. That said, the average age of many in the U.S. House, Senate, and White House should also give everyone pause to think about age without being called an ageist.

Paul Truesdell