Old & NEw School - It's a Mindset - Today's Podcast

Uber and Lyft are two transportation companies that have a wide but shallow moat. Companies, such as Uber, Google, and others, seeking to perfect AI controlled driving, have billions invested, that's the wide part of the moat. The concept of local transportation of people and things is not difficult to replicate. That's the shallow part of the moat. Applications can empower the smallest company and the largest, but there will always be the Old School way of doing things.

The Old School way of doing things often involves laying hands-on. Degeja Coffee, Tea, and Art Shop in Wesley Chapel is a cute coffee shop that puts Starbucks to shame. Degeja is the type of place that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and appreciated. Old School is great, but NEw School is required as well. One must be online and involved in social media to promote one's business in today's digital world. Thus our concept of ONE School.

To lure high-quality employment into a city, most governments seek the biggest bang for the giveaway tax dollars. That's right, giving away tax dollars to medium and large companies, such as Amazon, with the hope and prayer of getting people to work, shop, play, and stay. Then there's Tulsa, Oklahoma and the effort to lure individuals on an individual basis to make Tulsa their home for mobile working.

While technology can solve problems, once again, it requires hands-on treatment of people with Alzheimer's and dementia. It's sad but true, for many, it is truly a circle of life, from crib-to-crib. Along the way, it's the mind that goes which we all fear, but it's the business lifestyle mindset that many rags-to-riches stories are made. Sadly, it's back to the rags for many who have the physical "it" but not the "mental" it. From Mike Tyson, Evander Hollyfield, and many others, the roadway of life is littered with l non-Valley world of clueless.

Paul Truesdell