Investment advice should be simple with uncomplicated procedures and understandable language. We are do not make mountains out of molehills.


Real People

We are real people with real experience. We are practical, efficient, and effective. We are absolutely not a robo-advisor.


A True Fiduciary

A true fiduciary is conflict free in appearance and reality. Any form of discriminatory compensation makes void and null anyone’s statement that they are a fiduciary.



The cost of investment advice is separate from investment management. Those firms or individuals who bundle advice with management, planning, and others services are doing so to obfuscate the high cost of their commission based scheme which is generally known as assets under management.


Quarter Hour Billing

  • Administrative Assistance - $12.50

  • Investment Advisor - $50.00

  • Senior Investment Advisor $125.00

  • Senior Advisor - $125.00

  • Pay only for what you need, when you need it.



Once you register, you will have a private and secure dashboard, that is required and crucial to use. All communications flow through your dashboard. Everything is recorded and available for review upon demand. Make a deposit or withdrawal, add, replace, or modify the allocation among Investment Silos. Ask a question by text, audio, or video, or schedule a consultation. Speak with your advisor or administrative assistant. Set your goals and objectives for an account, Investment Silo regarding time frames, amounts, and withdrawal timing. Learn on-demand those things that affect you with a Deep Dive series or one of hundreds of non-product educational documents. Access statements, real-time performance, and tax forms. Your dashboard is secure, efficient, effective, and works on all devices.



Documents, pictures, audios, and video are found in Educate. Educate is to clients and accessed through the Dashboard. A Deep Dive is a series of audios, videos, documents, or a mix of all, where we do what the name says, we do a Deep Dive without the complicated jargon.

No Cost Engagement

Best of all, use your dashboard to propose a question for an upcoming Connecting Dots podcast. Keep the question generally generic, and there is a high probability that we will answer it on a Connecting Dots podcast if we feel the question and answer will benefit you and others. We never mention your name but may give you a first name "shout-out" for participating.