Investing and Costs Simplified


Investing Simplified

Start investing at a price that is simple and cost effective for everyone, starting at just $10/month per brokerage account.

Compared to an industry average of more than 1%, Fixed Cost Investing simply makes sense.

No obtuse investor prospectuses to dig through or estimated calculations with unknown variables.

Our fees are transparent and straightforward, and as you grow, you will never pay more just because you have more.

That is our fixed cost guarantee.

True Fiduciary Advice

You shouldn’t be required to pay expensive assets under management commissions to speak with a real human.


Investment Choice

With over 60 Stock and ETF based investment options to choose from, we have you covered.

Everyone can start with our sensible volatility and time-based investment options, and new investors have plenty of room to start small and grow with Fixed Cost Investing.

Experienced investors have the flexibility to infinitely configure, mix, and match their investment options. The control is yours.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Save money, time, and effort by taking control today.